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To choose an aerial work platform-that's enough reason

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-26
Compared with aerial work trucks, the characteristics of aerial work platforms make the operation of aerial work more streamlined, refined, economical and practical, making the choices of many users the most ingenious. The advantages of the aerial platform stacker are shown in the following two aspects: 1) The aerial work platform can perform chassis movement when the lifting structure is in a stretched state, so as to achieve high-altitude operations. In the absence of comparison, there is no harm. Due to the stability and carrying capacity of the chassis, the lifting structure must be improved on the premise of stable legs on the chassis. At the same time, its movement must also have a conditional lifting mechanism and stable outreach. This makes the process of converting workstations more complex and requires many people to collaborate. The self-propelled aerial work platform adopts a special chassis design. Generally speaking, there is no need to open the stable legs. When the lifting mechanism is raised and lowered, the operator can directly drive the chassis from the console to move the machine in the high-altitude working position and improve the operability of the machine. Work efficiency. 2) Aerial platform stacker products have greater flexibility in terms of lifting structure and driving force, and can meet the needs of a variety of different applications. From the perspective of the lifting structure, the vertical arm and crank arm aerial work platforms can reach higher operating heights and have good obstacle crossing capabilities. It is suitable for industrial applications such as construction, large equipment manufacturing and maintenance. The cutting fork platform has excellent stability and carrying capacity. According to the size of the model, it can not only be used for indoor and outdoor operations, but the aluminum alloy mast is light in size and small in size, which is suitable for interior decoration and maintenance work. The door frame structure is simple, stable, small in size, and has a certain load-bearing capacity. It is widely used in the field of warehousing and logistics. The climbing structure of the mast column is very prominent at the maximum height and can be used. In the field of building construction, anchoring with building bodies is an ideal tool to replace scaffolding. In addition, from the perspective of driving power, aerial work platforms are driven by both internal combustion engines and electric motors. The internal combustion engine provides a more powerful source of power, and the hydraulic generator can provide independent power for the work platform. This product is widely used in heavy load and industrial operation, and is equipped with a motor. The chassis is driven by a battery to achieve zero emissions and low noise. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly and suitable for most indoor applications.
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