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Treatment method for water ingress of aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-12
The purpose of the aerial platform stacker is to make aerial work safer, more convenient and more useful. It is best to choose a time with better weather when practicing aerial work. This way, on the one hand, it can ensure the safety of the operators, and at the same time, it can also allow high-altitude operations. The service life of the platform is greatly improved. The problems that may be encountered by the water accumulation of the aerial work platform and the treatment method: 1. The situation of the aerial platform stacker wading operation may be stalled, the combustion switch should be turned off immediately, and do not try to restart the engine, move it to In a safe and water-free area, the vehicle should be high at the front and low at the rear. The purpose is for water to flow out of the exhaust pipe to avoid damage to the components. 2. In the event that water enters the engine accidentally, the spark plug should be removed immediately, the fuel supply to the system is artificially blocked, and the engine is operating in the combustion system engine, the purpose is to smoothly discharge the water from the engine. 3. If water enters the car, the water in the car should be treated immediately. There are several sealing rubber plugs in the chassis of the lower part of the aerial work platform. Open the rubber plug immediately to release the water. In practice, because the floor glue is strong in water absorption, the floor glue should be removed first and placed in a wide space for the moisture to evaporate better and faster. When facing the problem of water accumulation, it is good to have a solution, but it is best to avoid rainy work, because the rainy weather may affect the risk of machinery, equipment and personnel, especially the thunderstorm weather in summer.
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