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Brief description: Why do some electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts use solid tires?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-31
Why do some electric forklift and internal combustion forklift manufacturers use solid tires? The electric forklift manufacturer tells you: 1. Excellent safety performance is helpful to improve work efficiency. Because the solid tire carcass is made of all rubber, it maximizes the puncture resistance of the tire and fundamentally eliminates the impact of industrial vehicles. Tire puncture hazards during load-bearing operation and in harsh working environments. The solid tires used in electric forklifts have small load deformation, good running stability and no need for inflation, which avoids the heavy labor of frequent tire replacement and improves vehicle utilization and work efficiency. 2. Reasonable structural design to ensure better performance of the tire. The solid tire used in the electric pallet truck adopts an advanced three-stage structure design. The three types of rubber materials ensure the overall performance of the tire. The high-performance, high-strength, basic rubber and steel ring support not only ensure the stiffness of the tire, but also ensure the tightness of the tire and rim, and fundamentally eliminate the slip ring problem of solid tires. 3. Advanced technology and formula design. The production of solid tires has advanced technology with more than half a century of production history and experience. The rubber formula design has maximized the performance of the tire, especially the base rubber is all imported from abroad with high rigidity , Low heat-generating rubber compound, the tire's heat generation and temperature rise during operation are minimized, and at the same time the tire's heat resistance performance is improved, thereby solving the serious problems of solid tires such as swelling, slippage, and bursting caused by temperature rise. 4. Avoid the danger of uncontrolled vehicle tire bursts. Compared with pneumatic tires, electric forklifts use solid tires that are safer, puncture-resistant, tear-resistant, wear-resistant and have a long life. With the development of industrial vehicles and the improvement of solid tire production technology, this type of tire has been used more and more widely.
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