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Briefly describe the causes and troubleshooting of the insufficient power of diesel forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-01
1. Low fuel supply 1) When adjusting the fuel injection pump, the temperature in the laboratory is too low or too high. Although it is adjusted according to the technical specifications, it will appear to be insufficient when used on the diesel engine of the electric pallet truck. In this case, only need to adjust the fuel supply. 2) The plunger and even parts are worn and the oil supply is reduced, so the oil supply can be increased appropriately. If the wear is severe, replace the plunger assembly and re-adjust the fuel injection pump. 2. There is air in the oil cavity, resulting in air resistance, so that the fuel supply is reduced. When the engine is working, loosen the bleed screw of the fuel injection pump one by one. If bubbles escape, it can be judged as air resistance and eliminated. 3. Insufficient oil delivery of the oil delivery pump. Wear of the oil delivery pump, clogged fine filter, failure of the oil return valve, etc., will reduce the oil supply. 4. Sudden lack of power during operation may be caused by the blocking of the adjusting gear rod and the inability to move to the maximum oil supply position; or the blocking of the moving parts of the governor or the breaking of the governing spring. 5. The acceleration response is not sensitive and the fuel supply time is too early or too late.
Analysis: What is the difference between diesel electric pallet truck and manual forklift
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