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Buy Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck Manufacturer Supply Manual Pallet Truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-22

Many customers feel a little helpless when they buy a manual hydraulic truck for the first time. They don't know which specification of manual hydraulic truck is suitable for their company's production needs. Next, I will sort out the top 5 factors to consider when buying a manual hydraulic truck for you!
1. The width of the fork of the manual hydraulic truck
The width of the fork of the manual pallet truck depends on the size of the pallet used in daily use. The standard size of the general manual hydraulic truck is divided into the width of the manual hydraulic truck. Truck and narrow manual hydraulic truck, wide manual hydraulic truck 685*1220mm, narrow manual hydraulic truck 550*1100mm.

2. The load of manual hydraulic truck
Generally speaking, the international standard The manual hydraulic truck has 2.0t-2.5t-3.0t-5.0t, these 4 kinds of load capacity.
3. Lifting height of the forks of the manual pallet truck
The pallet height of the national standard is generally 100mm, so the minimum height of the manual pallet truck of the national standard is of course lower than this. When the general manual pallet truck is placed at the lowest point, the height is 85mm and 75mm. Of course, there are also special low-level manual pallet trucks. The height of the lowest manual pallet truck can even reach 35mm. Low-level manual pallet trucks are generally slightly more expensive, and it is not recommended to purchase without special needs. Moreover, the steel plate of the manual pallet truck with a low level of 35mm is relatively thin, so the load is only 1.5 tons at most.

4. The thickness of the fork steel plate of the manual hydraulic truck
Generally, the 3.0t manual hydraulic truck is better The 4mm steel plate is used, and the thickness of the poorer steel plate and the thickness of the paint can not reach 4mm, and some can only reach 3mm, so the price advantage obtained by cutting corners on the manual hydraulic truck is very unpaid to consumers. responsible. Such manual hydraulic trucks are prone to failure in subsequent use. In addition, the thickness of the steel plate of the standard 5.0t manual hydraulic truck must reach more than 8mm, otherwise it is difficult to bear such a self-weight.
5. Material of manual pallet truck wheels
The materials of manual pallet truck wheels should be selected according to the conditions of the working ground. When the ground is smooth, nylon wheels can be selected for manual pallet trucks, because nylon wheels are relatively cheap, and they are less labor-intensive to pull. If the ground condition is not good, the manual pallet truck can choose polyurethane wheels, which are more wear-resistant. If you don't want to damage the ground too much, it is best not to use nylon wheels, you should choose polyurethane wheels. Because nylon wheels are too hard, polyurethane wheels are relatively soft.

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