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Daily maintenance of fork frame and roller of electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-20
The fork frame is a fully welded frame. Two pairs of roller shafts are welded on the outer wall of the fork frame of the electric forklift to install the rollers. 1. Inspection of the deformation of the fork frame of the electric forklift. The fork frame of the electric pallet truck can be placed on a flat plate, and the axis of two pairs of rollers can be measured. The plane error of the axis of the rollers should not be greater than 1mm. When it exceeds, it can be corrected and repaired. Or after surfacing the roller shaft, it is processed to standard size. When the roller shaft is processed, the roller shaft must be aligned. 2. When there is a crack in the fork frame of the electric forklift, a V-shaped groove must be opened along the crack with a grinding wheel, and then fill welding. If the crack is in the original weld, the cracked weld should be shoveled away, and the transition with the base metal should be smooth. The rollers of the electric pallet truck: Vertical rollers and lateral rollers are installed between the inner and outer masts of the electric forklift and on the outer wall of the fork, so that the movement in the mast plays a guiding role. There are also integrated rollers in which the longitudinal and lateral rollers are mounted on a supporting seat. 1. If the roller diameter of the electric forklift is worn larger than 1mm, it should be replaced. 2. After the rollers are assembled, the slider should be moved without blocking. The gap between the lateral rollers of the electric forklift and the guide surface of the mast should not be less than 0.3mm.
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