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Detailed explanation of forklift operation safety operation specifications, so that you can drive the forklift more at ease [18 pic]

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-26
In view of the dangers of electric pallet truck equipment in the use process, electric forklift manufacturers often release pictures or videos of electric forklift accidents to call on everyone to standardize operation and drive safely. So how can we achieve safe operation? Here, the editor of electric forklifts has compiled some safety operation specifications to remind users of electric forklifts to pay attention to safe operations during use. Although this cannot guarantee 100% safety, there will always be accidents, but it can still greatly reduce the probability of accidents. We must adhere to compliant operations and safe production. For operators, holding a certificate for special vehicles is a guarantee for themselves and a responsibility for their families. As more and more operational errors and accidents occur, the AQSIQ has issued a clear document last year, requiring relevant The department severely investigated and punished units and individuals driving special vehicles without a license. We can see that the electric forklift can be used as an anecdote when there is no accident in the use process. If something happens, it is news. It not only causes casualties, but also causes a fatal blow to a family. Domestic regulatory authorities strictly manage and operate the motor vehicles on the site trucks must be certified to work. manufacturers urge those who use forklift trucks without a license to go to the teaching base designated by the Quality Supervision Bureau to train and obtain a professional work permit before starting work.
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