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Detailed explanation of part of the performance of the vehicle-mounted aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-24
The vehicle-mounted aerial platform stacker is a high-altitude operation equipment on a car. It is composed of special chassis, working boom, three-dimensional full rotation organization, flexible clamping equipment, hydraulic system, electrical system and safety equipment. The working equipment is composed of a turntable, a working boom, and an elastic soft chain. Its technical characteristics are: a new type of fully hydraulic self-propelled special chassis; load-carrying, good working stability; multi-function and multi-purpose; special three-dimensional rotating lifting equipment. Vehicle-mounted aerial platform stacker performance 1. Special chassis. It is composed of engine, rack, walking organization and steering organization. Considering the requirements of operational reliability, noise and emissions, the Cummins B3 3C60 construction machinery diesel engine has been optimized. Inline 4-cylinder water cooling, naturally aspirated engine, full-speed operation, stable operation, high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, and low emission pollution. Taking into account the low speed of the car, the safety and economy of the operation are summarized and considered, and the rigid connection type, non-suspension organization and high-load solid rubber tires are selected. 2. Equipment operation. The working boom is connected with the turntable, which is a three-stage elastic arm structure. The boom adopts a quadrilateral rounded cross section, and the working arm is guided by a nylon slider. The elastic cylinder directly drives the second arm, and the third arm is synchronized with the second arm under the effect of the chain extending tissue. The boom is driven by a variable oil cylinder, and all hinge points are self-lubricating bearings, reducing protection requirements. All points that need smoothness are equipped with oil fillers for easy protection. All steel cylinders, pipes, pipes and cables have protective drag chains for easy protection. 3. Three-dimensional full-rotation organization. The device orientation of a device or system is generally determined by two parameters: elevation angle and direction. Since objects in the three straight directions are required to be able to rotate independently in space, the objects can get any device viewpoint, that is, set +90 in the horizontal, gentle and straight direction. Rotation mechanism. The pitch angle can be carried out through the boom, the adjustment is caused by the adjustment of the oil cylinder, and the organization setting is reduced. Back to the car body, the inside is a screw nut organization, the hydraulic push rod drives the outer circle to rotate, and controls the rotation point of view of the rotating body and the stroke of the control rod. The hydraulic oil circuit hydraulic lock, when the hydraulic oil is locked, the rotating body can be reliably positioned. The rotating body is small in size, the rotating viewpoint is large, and the water flow is small. The problem is that the rotation speed is difficult to control. In order to deal with the speed control problem, in the independent setting of the hydraulic system, its discharge rate is only 0.6 min/min. The micro pump driven by the motor ensures a stable rotation speed, and then the stable movement of the rotating system. 4. Sensitive clamping equipment. The air tube clamping device is composed of a fixed arm, an elastic arm, a clamping soft belt, a rocker arm and a clamper. The length of the fixed arm is the same as the supporting edge of the pipe and is used to fix other clamping elements. The elastic arm is divided into two parts. According to the diameter of the pipe, the structure of the spiral structure can be easily adjusted as another supporting surface of the pipe. The flexible soft belt is divided into two parts, the long part is connected with the rocker spring, the short part of the elastic arm is connected, and the two parts are connected with the buckle, and the length is adjustable. When the oil cylinder is extended, the soft side and the tension spring are fixed, and the end is fixed on the elastic arm, and then the oil cylinder is returned to fasten the air pipe. When the cylinder recovers, the slack belt loosens and the buckle falls off. Without manual assistance, the clamping device can actively recover through the boom.
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