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Discussion on the Preset Techniques of Rationalized Explosion-proof Start-up Electric Forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-03
Although explosion-proof AC motors have a series of advantages such as no carbon brushes, maintenance-free, small size, light weight, etc., the inverters that control the motors are more complicated. On the one hand, the number of high-power tubes for control requires more than that in the DC drive system. ; On the other hand, in order to achieve good speed regulation performance of AC motors, vector control methods must be adopted. Traditional forklifts convert kinetic energy into heat through the mechanical braking system of the forklift, which is finally wasted in the form of heat. Here, since the electric motor is used as the main drive system, the electric motor can be used to absorb energy when the forklift is braked and feed it back to the energy storage element. Stored, in order to maximize the recovery of regenerative braking energy, the control strategy should give priority to motor regenerative braking. When the motor cannot meet the braking demand of the whole vehicle or the battery's charge acceptance capacity reaches the maximum limit, the mechanical braking will participate in the work. In order to achieve the reliability of braking. At the same time, when the forklift completes the lifting operation and enters the lowering link and when the lithium pallet truck does not need traction to run on its own, the gravitational potential energy of the fork or the forklift itself can be used to drive the motor to reversely store the battery, thereby accumulating the battery. Energy recovery.  Explosion-proof traction motor performance comparison Table 3 Transmission of mechanical energy and hydraulic energy There are four ways to realize energy transmission: hydraulic mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, electric transmission and mechanical transmission. In view of this vehicle, the introduction of the transmission system needs to meet the requirements of explosion protection. The brake system of the explosion-proof forklift has many dangerous factors. If the brake is hydraulically braked, the safety factor is higher; the system must complete various operating modes such as walking and loading. The realization of such a complicated transmission mechanism is more complicated. The hydraulic system has greater speed-load stiffness, accurate positioning, and high control accuracy. The system can use an accumulator for hydraulic energy recovery, which can save energy. Based on the above factors, hydraulic transmission is an ideal choice for forklifts. Its transmission system is as shown.   The schematic diagram of the hybrid hydraulic transmission system is driven by a motor, and the liquid is guided through an integrated valve block to complete the walking and loading operations. Among them, the traveling mechanism is equipped with single and double motor switching valves, which realizes the two working characteristics of low speed, large torque and high speed and small torque, greatly improving work efficiency. The traveling mechanism and the operating mechanism are respectively equipped with isolated bladder-type accumulators. The working principle of this gas-loaded accumulator is based on the Wave Theorem and uses compressed gas (usually nitrogen) to store energy. Its composition structure consists of a shell, a bladder, an oil inlet valve and an inflation valve, etc. The gas and liquid are separated by the bladder. The shell is a seamless high-pressure resistant shell. The bladder is made of special oil-resistant rubber as raw material and pressed together with the inflation valve. The oil inlet valve is a spring-loaded mushroom poppet valve. Its function is to prevent all the oil from being discharged. When the airbag extrudes out of the shell. The inflation valve is only used to inflate the bladder before the accumulator is working, and it is always closed when the accumulator is working. This kind of accumulator has good response, no noise, maximum pressure up to 35MPa, no air leakage, large working temperature range, and can be used for storing energy, absorbing pulses, transferring conductive liquids, etc. at the same time.
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