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Do you know how electric forklift batteries react to produce electricity?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-09

Most electric pallet truck batteries are lead-acid batteries, which are devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy, a reversible low-voltage DC power supply. Its function is to supply power to the main electrical equipment such as the starter and ignition system when the engine is started, and to assist in power supply when the generator power is insufficient. At the same time, it can absorb the instantaneous overvoltage in the circuit to protect the electrical equipment.

According to different structures, it can be roughly divided into ordinary batteries, maintenance-free batteries, dry-charged batteries and gel batteries. The overall structure is composed of plates, electrolyte, The partition and the shell are composed of several parts. The 'lead acid' in the lead-acid forklift battery refers to the material of the plate and electrolyte in the battery. The'lead' refers to the material of the electrode plate, which is divided into positive plate and negative plate.

There is lead dioxide on the positive plate, and pure lead on the negative plate; the so-called 'acid' refers to the material of the electrolyte, which is made of pure sulfuric acid and distilled water in a certain proportion Sulfuric acid aqueous solution (density 1.24~1.31 g/cm3) is corrosive to a certain extent. The density of the electrolyte has a great influence on the capacity and life of the battery. Generally, the higher the density, the more fully charged the battery, the lower the freezing point, and it will not freeze in the cold winter; if the density of the electrolyte is very low At this time, the power of the lithium battery pack battery is basically discharged, and the battery at this time is in danger of freezing in cold areas.

When the lead-acid forklift battery is discharged, sulfuric acid chemically reacts with the lead and lead dioxide on the positive and negative plates to produce lead sulfate and water. In this process, a large amount of electrons are removed from the negative plate. It flows to the positive plate, thus forming a discharge current; due to the increase of moisture in the electrolyte, the density of the electrolyte gradually decreases. The more the discharge, the lower the density of the electrolyte; as the reaction proceeds, the lead sulfate on the electrode plate As more and more, the reaction speed becomes slower and slower, and the discharge becomes less and less.

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