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Don't put butter on these places on the aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-03
Butter is a commonly used grease in the repair of construction machinery, which has the effect of lubrication and sealing. However, improper use will cause adverse effects on certain parts of the equipment. Remember, do not apply butter on these places of the aerial platform stacker:    1. Apply butter to the tire nuts of the aerial platform stacker in order to simply tighten the nuts and avoid rust. Fewer repairmen apply oil to the bolts and nuts of the tires. In fact, this is a wrong approach. Because after the tire nut is tightened, the thread has a self-locking feature. This is because the thread helix angle is smaller than the equivalent conflict angle between threads. In a given bolt connection, the helix angle is a certain value, and the equivalent conflict angle changes with the conflict state between threads. Obviously, the equivalent conflict angle between the threads is reduced after oiling, and the self-locking function of the bolt connection becomes worse. Therefore, do not apply grease or drip lubricating oil on the bolts and nuts of the tire. In doing so, it will loosen the nut and even become an accident.  Second, apply butter on the cylinder head gasket of aerial work platforms  Some repairers apply a layer of butter on the cylinder head gasket when installing the cylinder head gasket, thinking that this can increase the sealing performance of the diesel engine. As everyone knows, doing so will affect the operating function of the diesel engine. The cylinder head gasket is the most important seal between the cylinder block and the cylinder head of the diesel engine. It can not only seal the high temperature and high pressure gas generated in the cylinder, but also seal the cooling water and lubricating oil in the cylinder head and cylinder block. When installing the cylinder gasket, pay special attention to its sealing quality. If grease is applied to the cylinder head gasket during installation, when the cylinder head bolts are tightened, a part of the butter will be squeezed into the cylinder water passage and oil passage. When the butter between the cylinder head gasket is operated in the cylinder, part of it will flow due to the influence of high temperature. The human cylinder burns, and the other part remains on the joint surface of the cylinder block and the cylinder head, causing a gap between the cylinder head gasket, the cylinder head and the plane of the block. High temperature and high pressure gas can easily hit the cylinder head gasket from here, destroying the cylinder head gasket and causing leakage. gas. In addition, carbon deposits will occur when the butter is kept at high temperature for a long time, which will cause premature aging and deterioration of the cylinder head gasket. Therefore, do not change the butter when installing the cylinder head gasket.   The above two problems may be small mistakes inadvertently made by some high-altitude repairers, but if they accumulate a lot of money, there may be major problems. I hope everyone can take a warning.
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