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Features of light electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-24
The electric stacker is a kind of storage equipment with battery power as the energy source and the motor as the power source. It is generally used in warehouses, workshops and other places where logistics is required. The use of pallets can greatly improve the efficiency of storage. Now whether it is heavy industry or light industry, there are professional and simple tools that can greatly improve work efficiency. Now we can often see light electric stackers in stations, ports, airports, supermarkets and goods yards or factories to help people save labor and improve work efficiency. As for the light-duty stacker, what are the characteristics? Today we will briefly introduce: ØBecause it is a light-duty stacker, there is no doubt that it is compact and flexible. For example, in places such as stations and ports, due to the large number of people coming and going, large-scale equipment is not conducive to activities, so light-duty counterbalanced electric forklifts have become the best choice. ØThe equipment has no noise and pollution, and will not cause inconvenience to the crowd, so it is widely used. ØIn order to adapt to the size of the lithium pallet truck, compact structure has also become a feature of it. ØBecause of its small size and compactness, the battery itself is also small, so the battery can work for longer, which is conducive to energy saving. ØCompared with other forklifts, the driving of the light-duty electric pallet truck is also more comfortable and convenient. The compact model makes this light-duty lithium pallet truck suitable for narrower places. ØEasy to control, safe braking, reasonable and reliable structure, make it very safe. The above are the characteristics of light electric stackers summarized for everyone. Different stackers use different places according to their characteristics. Therefore, you must choose according to your own needs when choosing, so that it can be better and more practical. Solve the problem.
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