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Five common faults and troubleshooting methods for electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-13
1. Vibration occurs when the electric pallet truck is hoisted A, there is air in the lifting cylinder B, the hydraulic system is leaking C, the inner mast \ fork frame rollers and bearings are excessively worn D, the two lifting chains are unevenly tightened 2. Electric When the forklift is under load, the forklift slides freely too fast A, the pipeline and joints have oil leakage B, the valve hole of the multi-way valve, the spool valve stem or the seal ring is worn, and the internal leakage is generated C, the lifting cylinder piston support ring/Y-shaped seal ring Wear and tear, resulting in internal leakage 3. Slow lifting speed or failure to lift A, oil tank lack of oil B, oil filter blocked C, hydraulic oil temperature is too high, hydraulic oil is too thin D, hydraulic pipeline oil leakage E, multi-way valve Valve stem and valve body wear F, oil pump excessive wear G, improper multi-way valve adjustment pressure Four, brake failure A, brake circuit breakage B, excessive wear of the friction plate in the traction electrode control actuator C, brake loose or braking The gap between the sheets is too large. 5. The electrical part is faulty. For example: the battery forklift suddenly does not move forward or backward. There is no response to the lifting, the forklift walks with one punch and one punch, and the forward speed cannot be adjusted. The control part is a very complicated circuit, due to control problems There are many failure phenomena caused. It is best not to repair the electrical appliances without training. If the wiring is disordered, it will cause serious consequences. It is recommended to contact the electric control dealer or the technician of the forklift manufacturer at this time. Some of the failure phenomena listed in the above electric forklift are for reference only. There are many reasons for the failure of the battery car during use, and the situation of each manufacturer's vehicle is also different. If you want to use the battery car in a good condition, it mainly depends on daily maintenance to eliminate the fault in the bud.
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