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Five trends in the development of aerial work in my country in the future

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-03
Aerial work platform is a large-scale engineering machinery dedicated to construction, equipment, warehousing and logistics, shipbuilding, airports, subways, cleaning, advertising and other fields. It is a special equipment planned and produced to meet the needs of high-altitude operations. So what is the development direction of aerial work equipment and future shopping malls? 1. With the continuous progress of my country's urbanization level, the number of urban buildings in China has increased sharply, and the height of buildings has also increased. This has created a demand for large-height aerial work platforms. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of domestic shopping malls and the public , Will inevitably intensify efforts to plan a large production height. 2. The weight of the lightweight boom system directly affects the fluctuation and stability of the aerial platform stacker. Following people's in-depth research on the boom system, people now have a certain understanding of the optimization of the boom structure, which makes people When planning the production boom, its structure and cross-section will be more reasonable, so that the weight of the boom itself can be reduced. 3. Multifunctionalization Now, in addition to some high-altitude operation equipment, it is generally equipped with fire-fighting water pumps, fire-fighting water tanks and other fire-fighting equipment. At the same time, it can also be equipped with some high-altitude escape equipment, such as high-altitude escape bags, to complete high-altitude rescue. , The future aerial work platform is bound to be a high-performance work vehicle with multiple functions. 4. Serialization is undoubtedly an important trend in the development of aerial work platforms. This is in terms of the enterprise's anti-hazard ability. From a global perspective, many well-known construction machinery companies, such as Terex Corporation of the United States, have gradually completed their product serialization and formed various products with different standards. 5. Intelligentization Following the continuous development of control technology, intelligent functions such as automatic leveling, visual operation, intelligent safety operation, wireless remote control and remote monitoring have gradually appeared.
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