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Fixed hydraulic docking bridge

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-02
The fixed hydraulic docking bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function enables a bridge to be built between the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse. The lithium pallet truck and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the truck to carry out the batch of goods through it. Loading and unloading, single-person operation can realize fast loading and unloading of goods. Enable enterprises to reduce a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, and obtain greater economic benefits. Description The fixed hydraulic docking bridge is used in occasions where there is no loading and unloading platform or the loading and unloading position is not fixed, and the loading and unloading site is narrow. It is convenient for forklifts and other handling vehicles to directly enter the truck for loading and unloading, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the enterprise.
Installation environment of fixed hydraulic elevator
The driver of the lithium pallet truck platform truck must follow the mechanical maintenance regulations and perform various inspections and maintenance before starting the lifting platform truck. Before work, check the working range of the lifting platform truck to remove obstacles that hinder the rotation and walking of the lithium pallet truck platform truck .   Check all hydraulic pipes and joints. The pipes must not be damaged, the joints must not be loose, and all joints must be tightened. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow the plunger clean with compressed air, then install it, and reinstall it.  Fixed hydraulic electric pallet lift truck is suitable for installation and use under various environmental conditions indoors and outdoors. The lithium pallet truck platform can be installed in a closed hoistway or between open floors according to the requirements of use; it can be installed in a concave foundation pit or on a flat ground.   Scissor hydraulic lifting platform: The four lifting platforms are fixed in position, cannot be moved, and have poor flexibility. At the same time, an independent hydraulic pump station and a large number of hydraulic pipelines are required, which occupy space and are prone to oil leakage and pollute the working environment.
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