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Forklift industry is facing a new round of technological revolution

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-24
In recent years, China's industrial vehicle market has grown at a rate of nearly 30% every year. This vast market has attracted forklift manufacturers from all over the world. Almost all of the top ten forklift brands in the world can be seen in the Chinese market. In the context of the prosperity of the forklift industry, the power system, the heart of the forklift, has increasingly become a focus of attention in the industry. KDS, a Sino-US joint venture located in the Pearl River Delta, is a shining pearl in the forklift parts industry, and it deserves to have a say. To this end, the reporter specially interviewed KDS, the technology leader of KDS, KDS President KC; Technical Director-Robin, LVAC Chief Designer Gao Apeng, and revealed the secret of the third-generation forklift drive technology for us. Technological innovation of electric vehicles-staggered and rising. At present, although fuel forklifts in the forklift market occupy the main market, with the slogan of building a conservation-oriented society, many forklift manufacturers have developed 'environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient' electric vehicles. Forklifts have also gradually emerged, and they are gaining momentum in the material handling industry, and they have greatly surpassed fuel-fueled forklifts.   Regarding the several innovations and developments experienced by forklift technology, Gao Apeng, the engineer of KDS's main conductive bottle power development and design engineer, gave us a brief introduction. He pointed out that the motor, as the heart component of the forklift, directly affects the improvement of the quality of the forklift and the development of domestic forklifts to high-end products. At present, there are three generations of technology in the forklift drive system, the first generation of DC electric drive, the second generation of low voltage AC drive, and the third generation of permanent magnet AC drive.  The first generation of technology enabled forklift technology to move from fuel forklift to electric pallet truck, realizing the first revolution in forklift technology. The advantages of the second-generation low-voltage AC drive system over the DC drive are: compact motor structure; no carbon brushes, commutators, contactors and other consumable parts that need to be replaced regularly, no regular maintenance, and maintenance costs are greatly reduced; under the same power, the volume And the mass is smaller, so the volume and weight of the forklift can be reduced accordingly; more importantly, the maximum speed of the AC motor is much higher than that of the DC motor, and the power is stronger. After experimentation, it is found that the efficiency of AC motor is 5%-10% higher. The third-generation permanent magnet AC drive system is a revolutionary technology. Its efficiency is 5%-8% higher than that of low-voltage AC technology, and its load tonnage is larger; one-time charging time is longer and the battery is smaller; it is equipped with two sets of windings at the same time, which can provide dual strong power. This technology is currently under development, and it is mainly tested on small forklifts. This technology is regarded as the future development trend of the forklift industry at home and abroad.   It is understood that the current direct-communication technology is leading the forklift market. The third-generation technology is in the Ru0026D and test stage, and experiments are mainly done on small forklifts. With the influence of technological innovation, consumer concepts, and the concept of “advanced and inevitable replacement of backwardness”, the forklift industry is bound to fully introduce the third-generation permanent magnet AC technology when encountering suitable opportunities. It is conservatively estimated that it will take 5-10 years abroad during this period. Domestic forklift technology is developing faster, and the time required is relatively shorter.
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