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Four factors promote the development of my country's future aerial work platform market

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-07
Four major factors will promote the development of my country's future aerial platform stacker market: 1. The use of aerial work platforms has greatly improved the efficiency of the work. Compared with the traditional scaffolding model, it has many advantages. A work surface with a length of 50 meters and a height of 10 meters needs to be painted. If the scissor type is used, it can be completed in 98 hours by 2 workers. If the scaffolding is used, not only 5 workers are required, but it will cost up to 130. It's over in hours. In the future shopping mall environment that pays more and more attention to work efficiency, aerial work platforms will receive more recognition. 2. The VAT reform policy promotes the development of leased companies, and also promotes the policy of tax reform and value-added operation of sophisticated construction enterprises in aerial work platforms and shopping malls, and also promotes the development of leased companies. This enhanced the competitiveness of medium and large equipment leasing companies to a certain extent, and selected private contractors for small projects. The equipment rental company has increased in size, and a series of operations such as sales, rental, and service will also be carried out simultaneously, further promoting the sophistication of the aerial platform stacker market. 3. Increased safety awareness of enterprises and construction personnel In recent years, the country's safety management rules for high-altitude operations have become stricter, and business operators and construction personnel have become more and more aware of safe production. If the scaffolding is replaced by aerial work equipment, the accident rate and the number of casualties will drop significantly. It is an unstoppable development process to replace scaffolding with high-altitude operation equipment and replace backward things with safer and more efficient things. 4. Increase in labor costs, the process of mechanization has further accelerated the demographic dividend weakened, labor costs have increased, and the annual growth rate of domestic construction workers’ wages has exceeded 7%. The cost of traditional multiple labor + scaffolding methods will further increase, fewer people + aerial work platforms The method will also narrow the gap with the scaffolding method in terms of capital expenditure. The unfavorable element of human capital will gradually be transformed into a favorable element for the high-altitude operating vehicle market.
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