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Hebei held a novel electric forklift wedding

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-07
On August 3, 2011, in Beicu Village, Shahe City, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, the bridegroom Mr. Kong Qingyang and Shen Likun organized a novel, unique, grand and simple electric forklift wedding ceremony, which caused a big local sensation. The groom Kong Qingyang was an electric forklift driver, and the bride Shen Likun was an electric forklift salesperson. The groom met the bride when buying a forklift. Subsequently, the two began to fall in love, and finally decided to stay together for life. When talking about marriage, they had a whim, and they used a forklift to form a wedding fleet, which was both personal and economical. A forklift welcoming team driving on a country road

The wedding is held by the bride’s company, Shen Likun. As the welcoming team’s 10 red electric forklifts (one SW-A self-propelled all-electric pallet truck, nine CPDs) Series four-wheel battery forklift) provided by the manufacturer. The groom and the bride who held this wedding are far apart, and the distance between them is 20-30 kilometers, especially on the muddy road in the countryside on the way, because the heavy rain the previous day made many people worry about whether the wedding will go smoothly; The wedding ceremony is basically done in the air. Forklift trucks need to be raised and lowered frequently and accurately. Relatives are also worried. What is gratifying is that ten electric forklifts have withstood the test and successfully coordinated with the successful holding of this wedding, adding luster to the wedding. On the day and the next day of the wedding, several local media published pictures and news on the front page of the wedding; more than a dozen mainstream online media, including Xinhuanet, Phoenixnet, and Youthnet, also issued exclusive reports.

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