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How does the electric pallet truck fit the market development needs in the domestic market

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-03
Electric handling forklifts, also known as electric pallet trucks, are powered by batteries, driven by a DC motor, hydraulic power unit lifting, centralized control of operating handles, and standing and seated driving. Use and heavy load and long-term cargo operation conditions can greatly improve cargo handling efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Nowadays, in a country with rapid economic development like China, industry, logistics, and warehousing have all been developed to varying degrees. With the rapid development of the economy and the increase in demand, the turnover and cycle of goods have been significantly accelerated. The operating weight has also continued to increase, which puts forward high requirements for the efficiency of cargo transportation. At this time, internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, electric pallets, and electric stackers are the main material storage and handling equipment. The hottest option with bare hands. The current development trend of material equipment is gradually moving from the original manual-based manual pallet trucks, manual stackers and other manual handling and transportation equipment to electric equipment with electric power as the main power. This not only saves labor, but also greatly provides Improved operational efficiency, accelerated the current cargo transportation speed, and reduced overall costs for the enterprise. Then let's take the Chinese market to introduce the development of electric forklifts. First, the Chinese market is huge and the demand is large. Due to the large Chinese market, enterprises, factories, and warehousing are developing rapidly. In particular, efficient handling equipment is needed to meet the transportation and loading needs of goods. . 2. The material equipment itself is upgraded. Because the manual handling and stacking equipment that used to be manual pallet trucks and manual stackers can no longer meet the increasing demand for material handling, it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly according to the needs of the market. The emergence of the new electric handling series of forklifts is gradually meeting the needs of the market. 3. The development of science and technology. Due to the continuous development of science and technology, the ability to integrate resources and equipment is getting stronger and stronger, speeding up the development and manufacturing of new products, making it possible to provide new products to the market. 4. The development of the logistics industry, due to the social development trend gradually moving towards the direction of economic development based on logistics, this has also increased the demand for materials and equipment, and the demand for various material handling equipment has increased, and has also accelerated the research and development and manufacturing of materials and equipment. .
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