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How hot aerial work platforms will be in recent years-let the market tell

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-04
Economic situation: In recent years, the slowdown of my country's economic growth has become the consensus of all walks of life. With the slow recovery of the global economy and fierce international competition, my country's construction machinery industry has fallen into a swamp of overcapacity. How to get out? The answer is to be surrounded by the technological monopoly of developed countries, and to establish a comparative advantage in the competition with new economies. The new and innovative professions such as aerial work platforms became the breakthrough point for the increase in the concentration of construction machinery enterprises in my country at that time. Career prospects: The development of international shopping malls is steadily advancing. The export areas of aerial work products are widely distributed. According to the different market conditions, they can be divided into two categories: European and American shopping malls and other international countries and regions. The first category is European and American shopping malls. The European and American regions are the world's largest shopping malls for aerial work platforms. The second category is South America, Asia, and Middle East shopping malls. The product applications of these shopping malls mainly lie in the harsh operating environment such as oil mines and shipyards, but there is a huge demand for large-scale aerial work platforms such as straight booms and crank arms. Domestic shopping malls have broad prospects for development Now, my country's aerial work platform shopping malls have a relatively small capacity, and the products have not been widely used. However, with the development of my country's economic construction, the demand for aerial work platforms has also increased rapidly. The production safety guarantee system has been continuously improved and improved, and the safety requirements for high-altitude operations have increased; in the face of increasingly fierce shopping mall competition, relevant units have paid attention to construction power to promote the upgrade of construction equipment; domestic labor costs and labor shortages tend to be mechanization It provides opportunities for homework to replace human work and aerial work platforms to replace traditional tall things. With the advancement of national policies and market demand, my country’s aerial platform stacker career planning is constantly expanding. In the future, my country’s shopping malls are expected to become the three most important sales areas for the aerial platform stacker manufacturing industry alongside the United States and Europe. Energy conservation and environmental protection: As air pollution in our country becomes more and more serious, the country is gradually paying attention to energy conservation and environmental protection issues. Recently, the National Development Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued the implementation plan for serious environmental protection equipment and product industrialization projects. The average annual growth rate of my country’s environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry has remained above 20%. , The industrial output value of completed environmental protection equipment is 700 billion yuan, and serious environmental protection equipment basically meets the needs of domestic shopping malls. The electric scissor and electric crank arms of the aerial work platform are in this team. According to the person in charge of the department of Zheyang Machinery, their company’s annual hot-selling product also happens to be a series of electric scissor forks. The biggest feature of this series of products is that they are driven by motors regardless of walking or lifting, with low noise and no pollution. , Its non-marking tires allow it to travel unscrupulously in indoor workplaces. Although the economic situation was very good at that time, and the market prospects were broad, aerial work platforms were bound to be popular in the next few years. However, the competition pressure brought by international brands to domestic aerial work platform manufacturers will definitely increase. If you want to take the lead in the current situation, your own strength must be strong, otherwise, our company can only watch others eat it. Up.
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