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How is the anti-corrosion maintenance of electric forklifts done? Popular science sharing

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-24

After a period of use, electric forklifts will inevitably present problems of rust and decay. Faced with these problems, we need to do the maintenance of the vehicle in normal use, so that the ability to guarantee the service life of the vehicle and temporary work The stability of the electric pallet truck, what is the method of anti-corrosion maintenance? The above is a brief introduction to everyone.

The method of anti-corrosion maintenance of electric pallet truck:

1. Exterior maintenance

Reduce the size of electric forklifts to work in dust and water vapor. Water vapor and dust will accumulate on the surface. Due to the use of electric forklifts for a long time, rusting of the vehicle will be inevitable.

2. Maintenance of the whole machine

Ordinary parts need to be solved for anti-corrosion in normal use. The rust on the parts should be cleaned in real time, and a layer of new paint should be applied at the same time. Regarding the parts that require smoothness, the smooth work of the whole machine should also be done.

3. The maintenance of the whole machine gap

The main consideration is the erosion and electrochemical erosion of the gap parts. Regarding the maintenance requirements of the fine machine, more attention is paid to electrochemical erosion.

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