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How many motors are in the electric stacker?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-26
An ordinary all-electric stacker has two motors, one is a hydraulic motor that controls lifting; the other is a drive motor that controls walking. These two motors are the standard configuration of the all-electric stacker, and both are indispensable. But at present, the better domestic all-electric stackers are also equipped with a motor-a steering motor, and some electric stackers are also equipped with this motor. In general, the steering motor is an electronic steering system, which uses the motor to drive the driving wheels to adjust the direction. Only high-end all-electric stackers in China are equipped with electronic power steering systems, which can be customized according to customer requirements. You can understand that the SW series all-electric stacker is equipped with 3 motors: driving, lifting, and steering!
Electric stacker pushes heavy objects in five steps
Steps of pushing and placing heavy objects on the electric stacker: 1. Move the stacker with heavy objects close to the front of the shelf; 2. the heavy objects to an appropriate height; 3. Move the stacker forward to an appropriate level 4. Slowly lower the weight so that the bottom surface of the heavy pallet sits on the shelf; 5. Slowly move the stacker with its fork out of the shelf. When transporting heavy objects, when encountering a sloped road, please be careful: when going uphill, the heavy object must be in front; but when going downhill, the heavy object must not be in front.
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