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How to avoid accidents during forklift operations

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-31
Forklifts are the link in the production process. With the development of industrial production modernization, they are becoming more and more important. However, the technical equipment for transportation in the factory of industrial enterprises in my country is still relatively backward, and the design of roads in some factories is not reasonable enough. Transportation safety management needs to be further improved or strengthened. As a result, industrial forklift accidents frequently occur. Let me introduce to you how to avoid forklift accidents.  All types of enterprise forklift injury accidents have one thing in common, that is, the cause of each vehicle accident is related to four basic elements, namely people, vehicles, roads and environmental conditions.   Forklift accidents in the factory are basically related to people. For example, management defects lead to command violations; driver's violations will constitute an unsafe state of the car; pedestrians' violations will increase contradictions on the road, intertwining dangerous points and forming hidden accidents. People are different, and there are many reasons for the differences, such as genetic reasons, social reasons, living habits, and so on. Humans are different from machines. Humans have thinking. In the process of driving judgment and reasoning, it is the brain's thinking that plays a role. The inherent properties of the vehicle and its potential destructive ability indicate that the vehicle is in an unsafe state when driving or working. These unsafe factors exist with the existence of the production process (that is, the driving process).  The main unsafe factor of electric forklifts in the factory is the problem of sick driving, which makes the potential destructive ability 'play'. Failure to troubleshoot the car in time is tantamount to raising a tiger, and sooner or later it will be swallowed by this iron tiger.
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