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How to charge the battery of a light semi-electric stacker? what should be paid attention to

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-24

The light semi-electric stacker is a kind of manual push-pull walking, and the electric lifting is realized. The light semi-electric stacker is suitable for short-distance transportation in factories, warehouses, logistics and other enterprises, and for loading, unloading and handling in areas with a small workload. The maintenance of the light semi-electric stacker is relatively simple, and the maintenance of the battery in the key components is the top priority. How to charge the battery of the light semi-electric stacker? We understand from the following points.

1. The charging environment of the light semi-electric stacker is mainly clean and ventilated. If conditions permit, the battery can be taken out or the cover of the light semi-electric stacker can be opened;

2. The electrolyte liquid level of the light semi-electric stacker should be 15mm higher than the separator, and below this scale line, the electrolyte should be added in time to prevent the battery from losing power and affect the service life of the battery of the light semi-electric stacker. The temperature of the electrolyte should not be higher than 45 degrees during charging;

3. Do not expose open flames when charging the light semi-electric stacker, because the battery will generate a lot of flammable gas during the charging process, so prevent fires during the charging of the light semi-electric stacker;

4. The light semi-electric stacker should avoid contact with the skin and acid during the charging process. If there is contact, use a lot of soapy water or consult a doctor;

5. The battery should be kept clean and dry at ordinary times, and it is not allowed to put other objects on the battery of the light semi-electric stacker;

6. The waste batteries of light semi-electric stackers should be disposed of in accordance with the national environmental protection law.

A light semi-electric stacker can generally carry a load of 2 tons, and the load will decrease with the load curve after exceeding 2 meters. The load is 1-1.3 tons after being raised by 2 meters, and it can only carry 800 kg when it is raised to 3 meters. This is related to the load curve. The higher the height is, the lower the load will be. A light semi-electric stacker will appear when it exceeds 2 meters“lost load”Phenomenon.

Light-duty semi-electric stackers have a load curve change chart provided by the manufacturer, and this curve must be strictly followed when stacking goods. Don't take chances: maybe, probably, maybe nothing will happen! If it happens, the injury will be fatal. Therefore, the purchase of light semi-electric stacker must be determined according to the actual use situation! Then choose products that meet safety standards and merchants with reliable after-sales service.

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