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How to check the license plate of electric stacker truck?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-09
Many customers have doubts about the licensing of all-electric stackers. In fact, first of all, we need to know that those that are widely used in warehouses, docks, and workshops belong to special equipment? The answer is yes. All-electric stackers and forklifts are classified as special industrial equipment. Since they are all industrial equipment, do they have the same requirements as the diesel forklifts and four-wheel battery forklifts we usually use to be licensed and inspected every year? Today, the editor will take us to understand this problem that warehousing professionals should understand. Adjustment of 'Internal Combustion Counterbalanced , Battery Counterbalanced , Internal Combustion Side , Insert Leg , Reach , Three-Way Stacker, Pallet Stacker, Explosion-proof ' in the original 'Special Equipment Catalog' To this end, the “lithium pallet truck” in the catalog is supplemented; the requirements for safety inspection and inspection and testing for the factory vehicle equipment listed in the “catalog” can continue to implement the original rules of the local provincial quality and skill supervision department in accordance with the original relevant documents The relevant operating procedures and requirements for inspection and testing, use of registration, supervision and inspection, etc. will remain unchanged for the time being. Article 38 of the 'Special Equipment Safety Supervision Act' states: the operators of boilers, pressure vessels, elevators, hoisting machinery, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities, special motor vehicles in the field (factory) and their related management personnel ( Hereinafter collectively referred to as special equipment operators), shall be qualified by the special equipment safety supervision and management department in accordance with the relevant national regulations, and obtain the national uniform format special operator certificates before they can engage in corresponding operations or management operations. According to these official documents, all-electric stackers, counterbalanced battery forklifts, diesel forklifts, reach forklifts, reach stackers and other equipment that are lifted and driven by mechanical power supply are required to be licensed, and annual inspections are carried out. , But all electric pallet trucks, semi-electric pallets, manual pallets, semi-electric stackers, manual hydraulic stackers and other equipment, because their maneuverability surpasses mobility, so there is no need for a licensed annual inspection. So, knowing that the all-electric lithium pallet truck needs to be licensed for annual inspection, then where should we deal with it? In fact, we only need to contact the local Quality and Skills Supervision Bureau, and the other party will organize inspectors to go to your company for testing. During the annual inspection, only the certificate is required. Then the nameplate on the car body should be on, and the car and factory number on it can be clearly seen. And other information. If it is not the first annual inspection, only the test statement of the previous annual inspection will do.
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