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How to choose an electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-03
Electric stackers refer to various wheeled transfer vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. It has simple structure, sensitive control, good micro-movement, and high explosion-proof safety function. It is suitable for operations in narrow passages and limited spaces. It is an ideal equipment for loading and unloading pallets in elevated warehouses and workshops. (1) According to the operation function, the basic operation function of the electric stacker is divided into horizontal transfer, stacking/picking, loading/unloading, and picking. According to the job function that the enterprise wants to reach, it can start to determine. In addition, special operating functions will affect the detailed equipment of the electric stacker, such as the transfer of paper rolls, molten iron, etc., which need to be installed to complete the special functions. (2) According to the operating requirements, the operating requirements include general requirements such as pallet or product standards, height increase, operating channel width, and gradeability. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider operating habits (such as riding or standing) and operating power (different Models have different power requirements) and other aspects. (3) Operating environment If the goods or warehouse environment that the company needs to transfer has environmental protection requirements such as noise or exhaust emissions, consideration should be given to the selection of models and equipment. If it is in a cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the equipment of the electric stacker should also be cold storage or explosion-proof. Carefully examine the locations where the lithium pallet truck needs to pass during operation, and imagine possible problems, such as whether the door height affects it when entering and exiting the warehouse; when entering and exiting the elevator, the elevator height and load capacity affect it; when working upstairs, the floor bearing Whether it meets the corresponding requirements, and so on. (4) The final point is to look at the manufacturer's strength and after-sales ability, sign a contract, and specify the subsequent terms, so that the service after the purchase can be guaranteed.
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