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How to choose electric pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-24

Nowadays, the electric series of handling equipment has been used by many customers at home and abroad because of its stable, convenient, fast, flexible operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and low noise. As people's awareness of energy saving and environmental protection increases, a series of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products such as electric pallet trucks and electric stackers will surely become popular logistics machinery and equipment in the future. the

There are so many brands and products of electric pallet trucks on the market now, how to choose electric pallet trucks correctly from them, Anhui Yufeng, as one of the many manufacturers, will tell our customers: how to choose electric pallet trucks is the right way of.

1. According to your job requirements

The operating requirements of electric pallet trucks generally include the pallets used to carry the goods, the specifications and models of the goods, the height to be lifted, etc., as well as the operating efficiency to be achieved and the operating habits of the personnel. the

2. Choose according to the working environment

If the working environment has requirements for noise, etc., then the vehicle model and configuration must be selected accordingly. If it is working in a cold room or environment, then the electric pallet truck should also choose the one that can work in the cold room and the environment. working vehicle. It is also necessary to consider the places where the van often passes, such as whether the door and the elevator affect its entry. the

3. The function you want the truck to achieve

Pallet trucks generally include stacker, loading and unloading, horizontal handling, etc. At this time, it is necessary to choose a specific model from them, and there are also some operating functions with special requirements, such as: handling paper tubes, oil drums, molten steel, etc. , that requires the vehicle to have a special structure.

To make a suitable plan based on the above situation, and finally choose a suitable device, as follows:

1. Relatively reliable performance

The configuration of the product is crucial, and a good configuration can ensure good performance in use. For example: fast motor drive, controllable braking at any time, smooth lifting of the hydraulic system, low failure rate, etc. the

2. High security

Product design should be safety first, and the overall design should conform to ergonomic principles, such as: centralized control handle, in case of emergency, it should be able to brake through the control handle, quickly cut off the power supply, and slippery roads should have anti-skid functions, etc. the

3. Simple operation

The humanized handle and centralized operation buttons bring great comfort to the driver in operation. the

4. Easy maintenance

The products are not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain, so they can be popular. For example, the power source battery and drive system should be easy to replace.

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