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How to do the acceptance work when buying an electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-17
The quality of the electric pallet truck must be qualified, let alone if you are a famous brand, the quality is trustworthy. The standard you need to look at is nothing more than the standard required by your factory when ordering the car. It is nothing more than the minimum height of the mast, the maximum height of the mast, (standard masts are two layers of 3 meters), and the tonnage of the vehicle. , The length of the fork, whether the tire is required to be solid, what capacity the battery uses, open the seat cover, and how big it is on the battery (usually D series, such as D-480, D-550) is 480AH 550AH and 550AH, as well as the height of the shelf. Do you choose the side shift? Do you choose any other auxiliary equipment? If you ask for these, it is to see if the car shakes when it runs, and whether the brakes are Flexibility, as well as lifting, steering, whether the joystick is flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise, you can't check the rest of the non-professional. Finally, check whether the charging capacity of the charger matches the battery, the manual, warranty card, and tools that come with the car. The summary of electric forklift manufacturers hope to help you!
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