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How to ensure the safe operation of aerial work platforms in rainy days

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-14
First, keep calm. When it rains, the road is slippery. When driving, the driver should be calm and drive as usual. Don’t get nervous because of the wetland. Of course, pay more attention to it on rainy days. tension. Second, when you need to use the right amount of energy, if you encounter any situation in the process of traveling, remember not to use excessive force when you need to brake or turn the wheel. This will make the car have a counterproductive effect. It should be based on its inertia. Step on the brakes when the situation is appropriate, maintain the stability of the vehicle, and avoid sudden death of the wheels. Third, maintain a clear horizon on rainy days. If the horizon is not clear, many accidents will occur. The normal operation of the wiper is very important, so when you maintain the car, you should always check whether the wiper is in good condition, etc. , Whether it has a sensation and abnormal noise during operation, whether it is aging, etc., suppose that if there is a problem, it must be repaired in time. Fourth, when traveling on the road, pay attention to keeping a certain distance from the car in front, don't follow the car too tightly, and see the environment that is conducive to your driving. Otherwise, some water splashes will occur when the car in front is traveling at extreme speed, which will affect your vision and discrimination. Aerial work vehicles are a common tool used in aerial work platforms. Even if they are used in high-altitude work, they are convenient and easy to move. However, when using high-altitude work platforms, they need to run around. Therefore, drivers who drive aerial work platforms need to have good driving skills. Especially in rainy days, high-altitude drivers are more dangerous when driving.
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