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How to guide customers to choose electric forklifts suitable for the work situation of the enterprise?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-16
The process of modern industrialization and the personalized customization of products come with different production equipment and different material handling solutions. Informatization has turned the earth into a global village, enabling you to use German tableware, taste French wine, and enjoy American steaks on your table, all of which are inseparable from modern logistics. However, modern warehousing logistics pursues faster information flow, fewer personnel, and more space utilization. The same product that is closely related to everyone in life may come from different brands. Each brand's product has a process from raw materials to finished products. During this process, transshipment and warehousing are required. How can efficiency be improved in transshipment and warehousing? There is only one answer. Choose a suitable material handling plan. The choice of a factory's material handling plan reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves work efficiency, and increases the storage height of products. Material handling equipment has solved so many problems. Among the dazzling array of warehousing equipment, how can you choose a suitable warehousing and handling solution for customers? Choose a suitable warehousing and handling plan and record the following factors at the customer site: 1. Cargo goods: 1. Product weight; 2. The height of the product that needs to be lifted; 3. The weight of the goods that needs to be carried at the highest point; 4. The dimensions of the goods: length, width, and height; 5. With or without pallets, single-sided or double-sided pallets. 6. Pallet size (mm) A; B; C; D; E; F; G 2. Workplace: A. Upstairs work (no need to fill in for ground work); 1. Elevator rated lifting weight; 2. Elevator size Length, width and height; 3. Maximum bearing weight for floor slab work, net height between floors; B. Ground work 1. Width and height of warehouse entrance and exit; 2. Is there a slope? Slope size A/B u003d slope%; 3. Whether there are flammable and explosive products; 4. The distance between shelves, the distance between channels; 5. The temperature in the workplace. According to these hard conditions on the scene, choose the relevant series of electric pallet truck products to achieve the minimum use cost and maximum use efficiency; the choice is to choose the quality, and the choice of KAESAR is to choose the famous brand.
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