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How to handle the goods safely with the manual stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-10

Before using the manual stacker to transport the goods, not only the stacker should be checked, but also the transported goods should be checked, and the suitable manual stacker should be selected according to the tonnage of the goods to ensure the safety. use.

1. Some goods do not know the specific weight. In this case, we must make sure that the weight of the heavy object is not overloaded before using the manual stacker.

2. Before handling the packaged goods, it is necessary to check whether the packaging and binding are firm, etc.

3. The size of the goods is different, we can adjust the spacing of the forks appropriately, and try to distribute the goods evenly on the forks as a whole to avoid skewing to one side during driving.

4. When the goods are inserted into the stack, the gantry of the manual stacker should be inclined slightly forward as far as possible. After the goods are smoothly loaded into the fork, it should be inclined slightly backward to make the goods close to the fork body of the manual stacker, and then complete Mobile handling operations.

The manual stacker is operated in accordance with the above methods, which can safely carry goods, improve work efficiency, and improve the safety of operations. For more information, you can follow us.

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