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How to ignite the electric stacker to start driving

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-09
Check the safety conditions around the electric stacker: before starting, make sure that no one is around; when carrying huge goods and the view is not good, please reverse or be guided by someone else; when reversing, make sure that no one is around; When driving in narrow aisles, someone should guide; the driver should park at intersections or other places where the view is blocked to ensure that there is no one left or right before driving; electric stackers are different from cars, they are rear-wheel steering, and they are turned close At the moment, lower the travel speed, and then roll the steering wheel to make the rear roll. Up and down electric stacker: stop jumping up and down. When getting on and off the car, hold the handle with your hand and step on the pedal; you cannot grasp the steering wheel or the joystick.   Stop passengers: It is forbidden to carry people on forks and pallets. Nobody other than the driver is allowed to ride; don't use people to replace the counterweight. Turn on the power with the key and check whether the instrument panel is normal:    check whether the vehicle is in neutral gear;    lightly turn the key clockwise to start the engine;    pay attention to the fork before moving: operate the mast lever to electric pallet lift truck the fork about 300 mm off the ground, the door Tilt the frame backwards to move forward. Step on the clutch control panel, operate the travel and retreat control lever and gear; gradually release the clutch pedal completely;    stop rough driving: do not turn on the key switch while stepping on the acceleration pedal; do not start, brake or turn suddenly, In order to prevent the formation of degraded goods, the vehicle may tip over; do not run over baffles or obstacles scattered on the road; do not drive into soft ground; when traveling on wet, slippery, uneven or slanted roads, please lower the speed; ensure the door There is a certain gap between the frame and the roof and the entrance and exit.  Do not move by the side of the road: Ensure that there is a satisfactory safe distance between the electric stacker and the side of the road or the edge of the channel to prevent falling.
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