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How to improve the use efficiency of high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-21
Strengthening the daily maintenance of the high-altitude lifting platform is the guarantee of the integrity rate. The first method we adopt is to perform punctual maintenance and on-demand repairs to extend the service life of the approach. 1. Modification and repair personnel are busy with the passive situation of perfunctory repairs, scientifically analyze the equipment skills, reasonably determine the investment in the equipment, and according to the characteristics of the operation, arrange professionals to be health doctors, adopt on-site tracking and maintenance, and use the vehicle to go up and down. It has always been in a safe and economical state of operation to ensure the supply and unloading of materials; 2. Improve the relevant processing guidelines, strengthen the dynamic treatment of equipment defects, monitor the conditions of key parts, and repair the rules of file analysis defects; 3. Guarantee maintenance For the supply of accessories, there is a spare parts warehouse and purchase channels for wearing parts and common parts to avoid the situation of extended downtime and increased repair costs due to inadequate preparations. 4. Strengthen the professional essence and professionalism of the repair personnel of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform, so that they can deal with the shortcomings in the shortest time. First, strengthen the skill training for the repair personnel, so that each repairer can understand the equipment they are facing. And know; the second is to understand the function of equipment accessories, the original type is the best choice when repairing, but when the accessories are not supplied in time, you should consider how to replace them. The above points need to be achieved, so that the power of the high-altitude lifting platform can be used higher.
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