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How to maintain the electric stacker in autumn

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-25
The very hot summer has just passed, the temperature has begun to gradually cool down, and the climate has changed significantly. When changing seasons in summer and autumn, pay attention to the following maintenance items for electric stackers: 1. There will be more dew sooner or later in autumn, and the appearance of electric stackers is often very wet. If the car body has obvious scratches, it should be painted in time to avoid scratches. The scar part is damp and rusty. 2. In safe travel, tires play an insignificant effect. In summer, due to the high temperature, you should always check the tire pressure, and you must not make the tire pressure too high, otherwise, there will be a risk of puncture. In autumn, due to the relatively low temperature, the tires have to compensate for the air pressure to keep it at the specified pressure scale. At the same time, you should also check whether the tire has scratches. Because the rubber is simply hardened in autumn and winter, it is brittle, and the tire is easy to leak or even puncture. It is necessary to clean up the debris in the tire pattern. 3. Check the engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze fluid in the engine compartment to see if the fluid is sufficient, whether it has changed, and whether it has reached the replacement cycle. These fluids are like the blood of the vehicle. They must be replaced during the replacement cycle to ensure fluid circulation. Xiaochang. 4. The large temperature difference between day and night in autumn will easily cause the body parts of the electric stacker to swell and shrink. Always check whether the brakes are weakened, run off, and whether the pedaling force of the brake pedal has changed. If necessary, organize the entire system. The pipeline part of the dynamic system. Outstanding usage and maintenance are not only conducive to the smooth operation of the electric stacker, but also extend its service life.
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