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How to prevent derailment of rail hydraulic electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-19
The primary structure of the guide rail hydraulic electric lithium pallet truck platform is the guide rail, so whether the guide rail will derail is a question that has caused customers to question. The editor is here to inform us that this is a basic common sense mastered by the equipment master in the guide rail equipment, which means that derailment can be prevented. First of all, the bottom frame (base) equipment and level are leveled. Place the self-elevating platform in place so that the centerline of the attenuation frame coincides with the centerline of the column. Then follow the orderly operations: 1. Put the pole equipment on the jack-up platform, and put the wire rope on. The first set of columns on the equipment list, the standard section is put into the frame and connected with the base bolts. The net distance of the track surface of the adjustment column should be controlled within 1985mm, and the straightness error should be ≤1.59%. 2. Put the lifting pulley on the top of the two columns with good equipment, and wind the lifting wire rope. Use an electric winch to improve the self-lithium pallet truck platform. Recover the elastic card to the Kafon position until the bottom of the flexible card is flush with the top of the column top surface, reset the elastic card board, relax the raising wire rope, remove the raising pulley and place it on the platform. 3. Use the second set of standard sections of the lever equipment. Before tightening the bolts, it is necessary to ensure that the first set and the second set are in the same straight line, and the joint error is less than 0.5mm, and then the raising pulley is placed in the second set of standard sections. On the top, put on the raising wire rope. 4. Strengthen the diagonal bracing of the equipment, and tighten the connecting bolts of the above pieces, check the straightness error of the hydraulic electric lifting platform equipment, and adjust it to meet the requirements. 5. Check whether the connection of weight (or settling weight) is firm. Equipment hoist, and set up grounding equipment in accordance with the rules. 6. Put it into the hanging basket, wind the wire rope, and equip the hydraulic electric lithium pallet truck platform to link the safety equipment. At this moment, the basic equipment is properly arranged. Send the third group of standard sections into the gondola, raise the gondola to the limit height, then use the rod to install the third group of standard sections, place the raising pulley on the top of the third group of standard sections, and repeat process 6 to raise the platform. 7. Continue to raise the mast to the height of the first application of the rules. The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with the parking bracket at the corresponding height, and then it can be put into trial operation. When the mast rises to 6m, the first should be set. Roads are attached, and one will be added every 3m in the future.
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