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How to prevent electric pallet truck failure?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-02-05

Nowadays, electric pallet trucks produced by electric pallet truck manufacturers have become very common handling equipment in factories and warehouses. The use of this equipment will not only reduce operating costs, but also protect the working environment to a certain extent, because this equipment has the characteristics of environmental protection and noise reduction. But no matter how good the equipment is, if the maintenance work is not done well, failures will occur frequently, and the service life will not be long. Today, electric pallet truck manufacturers will tell you how to prevent the failure of electric pallet trucks.

Before that, many buyers of electric pallet trucks came to find out the cause of the failure of the electric pallet truck. In fact, most of the reasons here are artificial. Can we recall that when the carburetor was not carefully maintained, did the tension spring gasket fall into the intake pipe? This will cause the piston to fail. In addition, the antifreeze water plug is loose, the oil pan is flooded, and the crankshaft gear is damaged by an early collision, and the bulge is easy to find. The raised portion can hit the timing gear on the camshaft, causing the engine to make unusual noises. Improper installation of the seal ring on the valve guide of the electric pallet jack will cause the exhaust pipe to drip oil and make some noise. The staff who heard the abnormal sound did not take corresponding first aid measures in time, and the shaft was scrapped as a result. The connecting rod bolts can be damaged if overtightened, resulting in damage to the engine cylinders. Electric pallet truck manufacturers hope that everyone will pay attention to this.

Now electric truck manufacturers teach you a way to prevent oil leakage. In the daily maintenance process, we need to do a good job in the maintenance of various pads. For example, the oil disc valve cover is not easy to compact due to the large contact area, which may cause oil leakage. The oil leaked from the crankshaft rear oil seal will enter the clutch, which will cause the clutch plate to slip or even burn. When the gap between the main bearing and the journal is too large, the front and rear oil seals will leak oil at the head of the crankshaft or the clutch due to seal loss, resulting in pollution and slippage of the friction plate of the electric pallet truck.

As for preventive methods, there are not none. Each electric pallet truck has a parts service life statistics table, which specifically records the starting application time and running time (in hours) of each wearing part. The buyer only needs to replace and maintain the parts in time according to the time in the parts service life schedule provided by the electric truck manufacturer.

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