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How to prevent fuel leakage from a fuel forklift? Let's take a look!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-01
For the internal combustion forklift that has been bought by tens of thousands of oceans, if there is an oil leak, it will be a bad thing to say. Electric forklift manufacturers teach you some tips to prevent forklift oil leakage. Everyone should come and have a look! (1) Carefully dispose of various liners. For example, the oil pan or valve cover of Hangzhou forklift trucks, because of the large touch area, is not easy to compact, and simply causes oil leakage. Oil leakage at the rear oil seal of the crankshaft will cause the oil to enter the clutch, which wastes oil and contaminates the clutch discs, causing the internal combustion lithium pallet truck to slip or burn. (2) Tighten each nut according to the repair specification. If the internal combustion forklift is too loose or not tight, the gasket will leak oil; if it is too tight, the metal around the screw hole will bulge or the thread will slip and cause oil leakage. If the oil drain plug of the oil pan (tank shell) is not tightened or loosened, it will simply cause a large amount of oil to be lost, and then an accident of 'burning bushes and holding axles' will occur. (3) Replace the failed oil seal in time. The oil seal of the internal combustion forklift truck is improperly installed. The journal and the oil seal edge are not the same. It is very simple to throw oil due to deflection; some will lose elasticity due to rubber aging after long-term use, and the sealing lips of second-hand forklifts will be damaged and cracked or self-tight If the spring fails, the oil sealing effect will be lost. The qualified parts should be corrected or replaced according to the specifications. (4) Replace the severely worn parts in time. For example, forklift cylinder liners, pistons, and piston rings are worn to a certain degree, which will cause high-pressure gas in the incinerator to escape into the crankcase. (5) Repair and replace the main bearing in time. When the cooperation gap between the main bearing of the internal combustion forklift truck and the shaft journal is too large, the front and rear oil seals will lose their tightness due to the impact of the crankshaft, causing oil to leak from the crankshaft head or leaking into the clutch, and then contaminate the friction plate and cause slippage. Invalidate. If the internal combustion forklift does not leak oil, the key is to look at the usual driving and maintenance, be more gentle and love!
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