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How to replace the battery of a semi-electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-02-03

In the orderly production process of an enterprise, warehousing and handling is a very important link, but the maintenance of warehousing and handling equipment is also necessary, and semi-electric stackers, as commonly used handling equipment, should be maintained in place, and the battery should be replaced in the maintenance link It is very important, if not done properly, it will cause various dangers. All aspects of the workplace, follow the correct procedures and operations to ensure the safety and security of employees in their daily work. Let's learn the battery replacement process and precautions of the semi-electric stacker.

Set up a charging zone.

The work area and charging station are made up of a few wires and a plate placed under the equipment, fire extinguishers, eye wash basins and neutralization mechanisms are a necessary part of the operation. These supporting facilities are very important in case of battery acid splashing into the eyes of employees, and are responsible for the personal safety of employees. Furthermore, the sales of warehouse electric forklift manufacturers also remind everyone that if the above situation occurs, rinse with warm water for at least five minutes, and then seek medical assistance.

2. Use personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is also an essential part of battery maintenance for semi-electric forklifts. Operation requires employees to wear rubber gloves and goggles to protect skin and eyes from corrosive battery acid that can cause severe burns. In addition, warehousing forklift manufacturers also call on everyone to use aprons and clothing covering all areas of the body to ensure safety and reliability. Because battery acid is volatile, it is recommended that deionized water be used only near the device as it can cause pyrolytic reactions.

3. Ensure compliance with relevant guidelines

Relevant guidelines must be strictly enforced. Smoking is prohibited near the charging station. Because of the potential interactions of the hydrogen, these interactions could lead to an explosion. The sales of warehouse forklift manufacturers support the mandatory wearing of PPE and ensure that the operating area is well ventilated. Also, be reminded not to wear jewelry such as necklaces to prevent potential ignition of sparks and chemical fires. Compliance with relevant guidelines not only reduces risks and reduces fines, but also effectively promotes the safe replacement of semi-electric stacker batteries.

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