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How to shift the gears of the reach forklift stacker correctly

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-02
1. After starting or shifting from low-speed gear to high-speed gear when the upshifting forward-moving forklift stacker is driving, as long as the road conditions permit, you must gradually depress the accelerator pedal to increase the speed, and then immediately raise the accelerator pedal while stepping down quickly With the clutch pedal, put the gear lever in the neutral position, then lift the clutch pedal, step it down again, and quickly push the gear lever to the high position. 2. When the gear reduction electric stacker shifts from high gear to low gear, press the clutch pedal while raising the accelerator pedal to move the shift lever into neutral, then lift the clutch pedal and then step on the accelerator pedal, and then quickly step on the electric For the forklift truck clutch pedal, put the gear lever in the low gear position, release the clutch pedal, and step on the accelerator pedal at the same time to make the forklift drive at a low speed.  3. Shift    Precautions when shifting forward-moving electric forklifts, the coupler must be separated thoroughly, and the shift lever must not be pulled back hard. When the direction is reversed, you must wait for the forklift to stop before shifting gears to avoid damage to the parts. It is necessary to shift gears in time according to the vehicle speed, and remember that electric forklifts cannot be operated in low gear for a long time. When holding the gear shift lever, hold the ball head with the palm of your hand, and hold the ball head in your palm with your five fingers. Operate the shift lever, keep your eyes on the front, hold the fast-turning handle firmly with your left hand, press the clutch pedal with your left foot while releasing the accelerator pedal with your right foot, and push it in or pull it accurately with the strength of your right wrist and elbow joint Out of a selected gear. After the shift lever is moved into neutral, do not move it back and forth, do not move your head to check, and do not pull or push hard to avoid misalignment or wear of gears.
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