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How to solve the problem of gaps in parts during the installation of forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-05
For forklifts, we can often see it, and it also affects the appearance. The reasons for the uneven clearance are as follows: The assembly relationship of the counterweight, the counterweight support plate, the frame and the support leg of the roof guard is shown. The main reasons for the uneven gap between the counterweight and the frame and the rear legs of the overhead guard are the following: the size and shape of the counterweight support plate itself; the welding position error of the counterweight support plate on the frame; ( 3) The size and shape error of the counterweight (casting) hanging port; the size and position error between the counterweight hanging port and the shape of the counterweight; the size and shape error of the back leg of the overhead guard. From the perspective of the reasons for the above gap, the gap adjustment method should not only set strict requirements on the relevant size and shape and position error during the design, but also strengthen the error control in the manufacturing process. The gap is adjusted accordingly, and only in this way can the quality of the whole machine be guaranteed.   Add a backing plate at the 90° elevation to make the counterweight move back and up, and the distance between the back and up movement is equal. The moving distances are: su003d-b, hu003dbsinα2.3 Isosceles trapezoidal counterweight support plate + backing plate As shown in a, adding a backing plate in front of the counterweight supporting plate can make the counterweight move forward and upward. Add a backing plate behind the counterweight support plate to make the counterweight move back. The moving distances are respectively: su003d-b, hu003d0. As shown in c, adding a pad on the counterweight supporting plate can make the counterweight move upward. Force analysis of rectangular counterweight support plate For trapezoidal counterweight support plates with slopes (force analysis and), due to the action of the counterweight's gravity Q, reaction forces F1 and F2 are generated on the two slopes. According to the theory When the mechanics ΣXu003d0, the horizontal components of F1 and F2 are equal, so that the counterweight can remain relatively stable when the lithium pallet truck is running. Moreover, due to the gravity of the counterweight, this structure makes the fit between the counterweight support plate and the frame more compact, so the shape, position and size error requirements of the counterweight hanging port and the counterweight support plate are relatively low, which is convenient to reduce the manufacturing cost. For the rectangular counterweight support plate, the counterweight gravity Q only acts on the top surface of the rectangular counterweight support plate, the counterweight hanging mouth top surface reaction force Fu003dQ, there is no force in the horizontal direction, in order to facilitate counterweight and counterweight support For plate assembly, there is a certain gap between the two parts in the design. Therefore, when the forklift is running, there is a longitudinal inertia force, which is easy to cause forward or backward inertial impact when the forklift brakes, which will cause the counterweight to move forward and backward, resulting in a certain amount of , At the same time, the gap between the joints is uneven, which affects the appearance of the whole machine. In addition, this form requires high precision in the manufacture of counterweight hanging ports and counterweight support plates. The force diagram of the unequal-sided trapezoidal counterweight support plate The force diagram of the right-angled trapezoidal counterweight support plate αβα4 Conclusion Through the comparison of the above-mentioned movement conditions and force analysis, it can be seen that the several methods of adjusting the installation gap of the counterweight have their advantages and disadvantages, but the rectangular counterweight Supporting boards do more harm than good and should not be used. For the remaining three types of trapezoidal counterweight support plates, considering the comprehensive factors such as manufacturing costs and actual operations, most companies currently adopt 'right-angle trapezoidal counterweight support plates + backing plates'.
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