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How to solve the problem of water entering the electric lifting platform during use

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-13
The water intake of the electric lithium pallet truck platform is very simple and has adverse effects on the function, which affects the normal operation and operation of the hydraulic system, especially the fixed lifting channels installed outdoors. For customers in southern my country, the impact of the dry season of the plum every year For the obvious, address this common problem. 1. The fixed lifting channel will burn out the motor after the water enters. At this time, the power switch should be turned off immediately, and the water in the pit should be cleaned up. 2. Try to keep the electric lithium pallet truck platform high in the front and low in the back, so as to help discharge the water entering the exhaust pipe and prevent damage to the converter and muffler. 3. The oil condition of each system of the electric lifting platform should be checked, and the oil should be replaced in time if it is found that the oil is frothing and turbid. 4. After the test is over, use a compressed air machine to dry all the electrical connection parts inside the head warehouse to prevent moisture from accumulating on the electrical connection parts and causing corrosion. 5. If the water has entered the motor of the electric lithium pallet truck platform, the motor should be removed and disassembled so that the water can evaporate quickly. This is a very convenient method in summer. 6. During the wading process, the parts of the site simply form the phenomenon of lubricating oil metamorphosis, especially in the steering, transmission and other systems, the site should be disassembled and inspected.
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