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How to solve the problem that the electric stacker lifts normally and cannot advance or retreat

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-08
Some electric pallet truck trucks occasionally have the problem of 'the function of lifting and lowering is normal, but it cannot move and retreat'. If this problem occurs, you can consult the seller's after-sales customer service or repair it yourself. If you want to repair it yourself, you can check the lifting function first. After it shows normal, check the electricity meter. If it shows power shortage, you should charge it immediately. If the electricity meter shows normal and there is no low battery condition, the battery problem can be eliminated. Then check the drive system of the electric stacker. If you find that the drive wheels are not moving, you should first remove the drive system and connect it to another stacker that is exactly the same, and then check it. It cannot be immediately considered that the drive part is faulty. If it is still motionless on another stacker, then there is a problem with the drive wheel. Generally, the drive wheel has a problem. The electromagnetic brake may be locked. Adjust the brake pad gap or replace the electromagnetic brake current line or replace the car assembly; If you find that the drive wheel assembly is operating normally, you should also check whether the drive motor can operate normally. If it can operate normally, then the faults in the drive part can be eliminated. The final step is to look at the manipulator. The hydraulic system of the electric stacker does not need a manipulator to control it. It only needs to be directly connected to the hydraulic motor pump station assembly to control the oil circuit. If the hydraulic system is normal, then the drive system manipulator is faulty. Summer is the time when the controller is most susceptible to problems. Due to the high temperature in summer, the controller's heat dissipation will be affected. If the power is operated for a long time, it will continue to generate heat. When the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the internal circuit will be easily burned. The short circuit breaks out. If the manipulator is defective, the best way to repair it is to replace it with a new one, because the manipulator cannot be repaired because it is not a professional.
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