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How to solve the slowdown of the rail-type electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-24
First: As long as the guide rail electric lithium pallet truck platform cannot be started with load, the hydraulic system pressure should be checked. If the pressure is lower than the normal scale, the setting value of the overflow valve can be adjusted. Second: After the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time, there may be impurities in the hydraulic oil or have been transformed. Take a sample and check to see if it contains solid particles, discoloration, or odor. Replace the hydraulic oil if necessary. Third: The hydraulic pipeline is also a very important link. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is unblocked. Key points Check whether each hydraulic valve, including one-way stop valve, electromagnetic directional valve, share control valve, overflow valve, etc., is blocked or stuck. If there is a problem, the hydraulic valve should be cleaned or replaced in time. At present, electric lifting platforms are basically controlled by hydraulic systems. The advantages of hydraulic system control are summarized as follows: 1. With equal volume, hydraulic equipment can generate more power than other equipment. Under equal power, hydraulic The equipment is small in size, light in weight, high in power density, compact in structure, and the volume and weight of the hydraulic motor are only 12% of the same power motor. 2. The operation of hydraulic equipment is relatively stable. Because of its light weight, low inertia and quick response, hydraulic equipment is easy to complete rapid launch, braking and frequent commutation. 3. The hydraulic equipment can complete stepless speed regulation in a large scale (speed regulation scale can reach 2000), and it can also complete speed regulation during operation. 4. The hydraulic transmission is easy to complete automation, and it is easy to mediate or control the liquid pressure, flow and direction of movement. 5. The hydraulic components have been standardized, serialized, and universal, and the design, production and application of the pressure system are more convenient. However, in terms of product types, quantity, and skill level, my country's hydraulic skills are still far from the requirements of the world's water products and the main engine industry, and a lot of hydraulic components need to be imported every year. 6. The hydraulic control system of the electric lifting platform: improve component functions, create new components, and keep shrinking in size. 7. The hydraulic control system has a high degree of combination, integration and modularization. 8. The hydraulic control system is combined with microelectronics skills to become intelligent.
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