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how to use a pallet truck safely

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-05-01


Pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack, is a commonly used material handling tool used in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities. It makes the transportation of heavy loads of goods much easier, which previously would have required a lithium pallet truck or manual labour. However, like any other machinery, it is important to use pallet trucks safely to prevent injuries and accidents. In this article, we will cover the fundamentals of pallet trucks and how to use them safely.

Understanding pallet trucks

Pallet trucks typically come in two types: manual and electric. Manual pallet trucks are hand-operated and require the operator to physically move the load by using a handle to pump the pallet system that lifts the load off the ground. Electric pallet trucks, on the other hand, are battery-powered and allow for more effortless operation, with controls that allow the operator to move the load forward or backward.

Every pallet truck comes with its capacity and load rating. It is essential to know the pallet truck's weight capacity and load rating to ensure that you are not overloading the machine. Overloading the pallet truck can lead to accidents, injuries, or equipment damage. Generally, a typical pallet truck can carry loads of weight up to two or three tons, so it is vital to verify the pallet truck's capacity.

How to Use a pallet truck safely:

1. Conduct a pre-operation inspection

Before using a pallet truck, it is crucial to inspect it for any damages or defects. Ensure that the forks are not bent or damaged, the hydraulic system is functioning properly, and the wheels are in good condition. An inspection can help you detect any possible issues that might lead to an accident while using the pallet truck.

2. Know your load and pallet truck capacity

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to know your load and pallet truck capacity to avoid overloading the pallet truck. It is recommended to weigh the load using a floor scale or other weighing equipment before placing the load on the pallet truck. Once you know the load's weight, ensure that the pallet truck's capacity can handle the load.

3. the load safely

To electric pallet lift truck the load, stand behind the pallet truck and place your hand on the handle. Then pump the handle until the forks reach the lifted position. The forks should not be raised too high or too low. The ideal height should be to carry the load without the risk of damage to the pallet or the load.

4. Push or Pull the pallet truck

When moving the pallet truck, stand in front of the pallet truck, using two hands on the handle to ensure proper control. It is important to push or pull the pallet truck smoothly, with caution not to push too fast, as this could lead to an accident.

5. Observe your surroundings.

When operating a pallet truck, be aware of your surroundings. Look out for any pedestrians or obstacles that could obstruct your movement, and avoid dangerous areas. Ensure that you use the horn or warning symbol when moving the pallet truck in a high traffic areas where people may not see you.


Pallet jacks are an essential tool used in many workplaces. If used correctly, it can help transport loads quickly and efficiently. However, if not used correctly, they can cause injuries and damage. By adhering to the recommendations in this report, you can ensure you are using the pallet truck safely. Remember always to follow the manufacturer's instructions, and it is helpful to take appropriate training courses in pallet jacks' safe use.

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