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Hydraulic solution for 1 ton cross-country forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-31
Forklifts are highly efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation. There are many types of forklifts. Among them, cross-country forklifts can drive on hills, mountains, beaches, sand, snow, ice and muddy roads. Off-road performance, suitable for loading and unloading, de-stacking and short-distance handling operations of field materials. The core control part of    off-road forklift is electric control and hydraulic control. Hydraulics has successfully provided electro-hydraulic control matching for 1-ton off-road forklifts and verified the reliability of its performance. Take the hydraulic system of a 1-ton cross-country lithium pallet truck as an example. The hydraulic system includes: a hydrostatic transmission brake system, a full hydraulic steering system and a hydraulic working system. Can provide all hydraulic systems. Hydrostatic transmission drive system    according to the customer's model and structure design, can choose wheel drive or front and rear axle drive. The design uses four-wheel drive, and the components are medium-duty or heavy-duty series closed pumps, such as the 72400 series. The electric proportional variable medium-loaded plunger pump and 4 parallel two-speed motors with brakes are used. The hydraulic motor is connected with the wheel walking mechanism to drive the wheels to rotate. When the inclination angle of the swash plate of the main variable pump is adjusted, the output flow can be changed, so that the hydraulic motor can be driven to obtain different speeds, so as to realize the stepless speed regulation performance. When changing the direction of the inclination angle of the main variable pump swashplate, the oil flow direction can be changed, so that the rotation direction of the driving hydraulic motor is changed accordingly, so as to realize the vehicle forward and reverse. As shown in Figure 1, the charge pump 2 is used to charge the system to supplement the leakage of the system, provide flow for the cooling and filter circuit, and provide control pressure for the system. The pressure of the charge pump is set by the charge safety valve 5, generally 1.2~2MPa, and its flow rate is about 20% of the main pump flow rate. The charge pump supplies oil to the low pressure side of the closed circuit under the action of the one-way valves 7 and 8. The shuttle valve 10 is connected to the normally open relief valve 9 under the high pressure control of the main oil circuit. The pressure setting of the normally open relief valve 9 is always about 0.3~0.5MPa lower than that of the charge safety valve 5. The charge pump flow is much larger than the leakage of the system, so the working oil in the main circuit can be continuously replaced for cooling To control the oil temperature of the system. The system two-way high pressure safety valve 11 controls the safe working pressure of the system. Full hydraulic steering system    1 ton off-road forklift adopts a full hydraulic steering system, the rear wheel steering cylinder steering. The steering pump and the working pump are the same quantitative gear pump, and the 25 series gear pump can be connected to the 72400 walking pump in series. The steering gear is the integrated design of XCEL45 series dynamic signal load-sensitive steering gear combined with priority valve, which saves installation space. Precise steering control through the steering wheel. Steering principle. The hydraulic working system    forklift's working system controls the multi-way valve, which is equipped with the world's leading electric proportional load-sensing control CML60 multi-way valve. With the controller and handle, precise control can be achieved. The electric proportional control of the multi-way valve is a high-end configuration in small and medium tonnage forklifts. The electric proportional solution can use a chip multi-way valve or a Vickers SICV valve combination for differentiated design. The load-sensitive electric proportional multi-way valve of the fixed pump is not only easier and more accurate in operation and control, but also has lower fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. Electrical control    HFX controller and heavy-duty multi-axis electronic handle constitute the electrical control part of the system. The controller can directly drive various proportional and directional coils, and is used in valve and pump systems to form a complete solution with various hydraulic components. The handle can be controlled in four directions, and is equipped with a switch button to achieve a variety of actions.
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