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Pallet truck climbing ability is very important

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-08

The climbing ability of a pallet truck usually refers to the degree of slope that the truck can climb when it is fully loaded. The stronger the climbing ability, the more powerful the vehicle is and the more advanced the configuration is. Generally speaking, the climbing ability of a truck is about 10% or less, that is, the slope can be climbed within 10 degrees, and it is difficult or impossible to climb above 10 degrees.

Climbing ability is a very important indicator for evaluating the performance of the truck. This is because the truck often needs to transport boxes and piles of goods into the carriage of the large truck, and the distance between the carriage and the ground is very high, and the handling personnel A sturdy iron plate will be used as a slide fixed between the carriage and the ground. Afterwards, the truck and the cargo are pushed by climbing the slope to transport the cargo into the carriage.

If the climbing ability of a truck is insufficient, it will be difficult to walk during the climbing process, resulting in the inability of manpower to push the truck uphill smoothly, which will hinder the transportation work. In addition, the wheels of the truck are relatively small, and the height of the chassis does not exceed 10 cm, which brings certain limitations to the climbing work of the truck.

So when we buy a pallet truck, we must see its climbing parameters clearly, so as not to buy inappropriate products.

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