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Pay attention to these 4 points when purchasing an all-electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-22
1. According to the operation function, the basic functions of the stacking vehicle can be divided into horizontal transfer, stacking/picking, loading and unloading/picking. According to the business functions of the company, we can start to judge. In addition, special operation functions will also affect the detailed equipment of the stacker, such as the transfer of paper rolls and molten iron. 2. Choose according to operating requirements. High vehicle operating requirements include general requirements such as pallet or cargo specifications, elevation, operating channel width, and climbing degree. It is related to the requirements of operating habits (such as habitual driving or station driving), operating power (different types of vehicles have different power), etc. 3. Operating environment If the company needs to transfer the goods or the environment of the warehouse, such as noise or exhaust gas emissions, etc., environmental protection needs should be considered when selecting models and equipment. If it is in a cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the equipment of the stacker should also be cold storage type or explosion-proof type. Carefully study the address required for forklift operation and possible problems, such as the impact of the height of the door on the stack, the height of the elevator, the impact of the load-bearing capacity on the stack, and whether the load-bearing capacity of the floor meets the requirements. Note: When selecting and determining equipment, it is necessary to describe in detail the working conditions of the supplier of the stacker and conduct on-site investigations to ensure that the purchase of the lithium pallet truck fully meets the needs of the enterprise. Even after analyzing the above process, there are several models that may meet the above requirements. At this time, we should pay attention to the following aspects: ① The number of forklifts and the number of drivers are different for different models and working power, which will lead to a series of cost changes. ② If the stacker is in the warehouse, the aisle width is different, and the improvement ability is different, which will lead to changes in the warehouse layout, such as the storage of goods. ③ The changes in the number of cars and vehicles will affect many aspects such as fleet management. ④ Different types of shopping malls are different, and their after-sales guarantees are different. For example, the low-position control three-to-stacking car and the high-control three-to-stacking vehicle are narrow aisle lithium pallet truck trucks, which can be stacked/stacked and picked up in a very narrow aisle (1.5-2.0 meters). However, the original control room cannot be improved, the operating vision is poor, and the working power is low. Because the latter can fully cover the functions of the former, its functions are more prominent. The sales volume of the latter in Europe is 4 to 5 times that of the former, and the sales volume in my country is more than 6 times. Therefore, most suppliers are at a high position in terms of the height control of the three-way stacking, while the low-position control of the three-layer stacking lithium pallet truck is only used for small tonnage, high and low positions (usually within 6 meters). When the sales scale of the store is small, the after-sales service engineer, the experience of the engineer and the quantity of spare parts inventory will be relatively weak. 4. The last point is to see the manufacturer's strength and after-sales capabilities, sign a contract, and explain future terms to ensure after-sales service.
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