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Pay attention to these points during the trial of the mobile lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-02
1. The trial lift platform must be open and flat. This is very important to prevent accidents when the limit fails. 2. It is necessary to check the limit travel switch to ensure that the limit travel switch action is firm before starting the trial. This is an important measure to ensure safety; check the wiring to ensure that the wiring is correct; before turning on the power, ensure that the distribution box is free of debris. 3. During the trial, the four outriggers of the four-wheel mobile lifting platform must be supported, the four tires are not stressed, and the lower frame of the four-wheel mobile lithium pallet truck platform must be level. 4. When the trial load experiment is to be carried out for the first time repeatedly, the no-load experiment can be selected to check whether the lifting and lowering speed of the four-wheel mobile lithium pallet truck platform is reasonable, whether the stability of the channel can meet the requirements, whether the sound is normal, and whether Whether to reach the extra lifting height. If the experimental data is normal, the second test load experiment can be carried out; the second test load experiment can choose the half load experiment, the main point is to check the stability of the channel. If the sloshing is within the permitted range, the third experiment-full load experiment can be carried out to determine whether the parameters of the channel are normal under the condition of additional load. If it is normal, the fourth experiment-overload experiment can be carried out, and 110% of the load can be added to the experiment to check whether the anti-overload equipment of the channel is set up properly. If the setting is correct, the lifting platform cannot rise under the overload condition. If it can rise, it means that the setting of the overload equipment is unreasonable, and the manufacturer should be required to re-adjust the setting.
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