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Performance characteristics of crank arm aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-31
The crank arm type aerial platform stacker adopts the multi-stage folding arm combination method to plan, which is sensitive and convenient. Its key components such as engines, valves, controllers, hydraulic pumps, operating handles, etc. can be purchased from the world, which can overcome certain obstacles and lift in one place. More work. The crank arm type aerial work platform has 12M/14M straight arm type aerial work platform, 14M/16M electric crank arm type aerial work platform, 14-16M crank arm type aerial work platform, 14M crank arm type off-road aerial platform stacker, crawler spider Aircraft aerial work platforms, among them, the crank arm aerial platform stacker has wide operation scale, high efficiency and carrying capacity. A number of technical innovation plans are selected to make the product have appropriately high reliability, safety and operability. Such products are widely used in plant equipment protection, venue construction protection, state-building engineering, large-scale storage, aerospace, airport and port, municipal gardens, curtain wall engineering, etc. The electric crank arm aerial work platform is beautiful in appearance, the whole machine is delicate, suitable for indoor and outdoor use on flat ground; it is most suitable for quiet and emission-free operation applications; in narrow areas and aisles, it can reach up and down ideally. Overcoming expansion requirements. ●Wide scale of operation: it can facilitate you from 0~16.8m height, 7.62m horizontal extension, 7.38m cross height and 355° all-round rotation operation ●Large load capacity: the maximum load capacity can reach 250kg, which can accommodate 2 workers And some auxiliary tools ●Strong power: use world-renowned brand imported engines, high power, strong climbing ability-the maximum climbing degree can reach 40% ●Advanced skills: adaptive floating equipment, fault self-diagnosis skills, anti-collision induction Equipment and hydraulic active leveling system ●High reliability: The engine, key hydraulic components, and electrical components are all selected from world brands, and the plan conforms to EN280, AS1418.10, GB25849 standards. ●Good safety: overload restraint and anti-tilt protection system, anti- Collision equipment and over-range active detection constraints are optional ●Protection convenience: the engine can be rotated out for protection, self-lubricating sliders are selected, and the boom system is free of protection
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