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Points to note in forklift operation

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-14

In life, there are electric forklifts in many places. It can be seen that in today's life, such facilities are widely used. However, when some people are only fighting this high-tech, everyone is still not about this aspect. I understand very well, what are the precautions for electric pallet truck operation? I don't know it. The above is a general introduction.

1. Any operator, when using an electric pallet truck, must pay attention to it, and understand the practice The weight of the goods, this is the key to commensurability, all goods, the weight can not exceed the extra weight of the forklift, otherwise the vehicle will be damaged occasionally, please pay attention to this aspect.

2 , Nowadays, everyone can see electric forklifts at various goods sites. Here are some users who are reminded that when starting to operate, everyone should reflect on it to see if all the goods are very strong and not very strong. If it is, it will be easy to get lost and the goods will be destroyed at that time. In addition, when loading goods, you must also pay attention to starting to adjust the distance between the goods according to the actual goods, so that the goods can be evenly distributed on both sides of the car , Don’t cause an off-load situation. In addition, when the goods are pulled out of the mast, all the goods are tilted forward, so that it can be very inconvenient to drive.

Pay attention to the operation of electric forklifts.

What are the matters? Common sense and everyone share here, I hope you can pay attention to this common sense when using it to ensure that you can drive safely during use.

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